“How Digital Signage Can Improve Corporate Communications”

Published: 03rd February 2009
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More often than not, in a large company you'll hear employees claiming that they're not involved in the decision-making process or that they're unaware of common knowledge that seems as though it should be available to everyone within a corporation. By rendering employees out of the loop, company morale decreases, productivity decreases, and overall performance becomes a bit jaded. Here is where digital signage can actually assist in increasing and pushing all of these elements to a level they have not yet achieved.

Using digital signage to secure effective corporate communications has proven to be a valuable technological solution within many industries. First and foremost, employing the use of LCD display signage in a vast corporate environment provides an efficient means for welcoming customers, visitors, and employees. LCD digital networks and LED tickers also serve to display up-to-date information like local weather, news headlines, and stock quotes. Instant gratification is a term that many people live by today, and digital technology can help facilitate this necessity.

Furthermore, LCD display signage can present building maps, which can be particularly effective in larger Fortune 500 companies or multi-level office structures. Digital signage has given corporate communications a whole new meaning. This medium boasts a superior element of convenience, which serves to relay employee benefits, company events, and even promote safety standards. Successfully conducting a fire drill in a company that employees 500 plus people may not always be a simple task, but with routes laid out on a digital screen, the operation may eventually become quite organized.

In addition to company-wide announcements, LCD display signage offers a premier place to post meeting reminders and schedules. Sending out a meeting request to 100 plus people via Outlook can turn into a sticky situation due to conflicts, frequency with which employees check email, and even spam filters. Using digital signage to your advantage can reduce the risk of miscommunication while improving the overall aspect of corporate communications. Aside from meeting reminders and schedules, LCD display signage can function as a bulletin board for ongoing training programs that a corporation may be offering to specific departments or to the company as a whole.

Using digital signage cross-departmentally is also an effective way of updating sales targets, service levels, stats, new initiatives, and a variety of other quality metrics. Ensuring that all of the necessary departments and pieces of the puzzle are involved is critical to achieving a high level of corporate communications as well as employee satisfaction and superior productivity.

Lastly, LCD display signage is an effective platform for recognizing employees of the month or teams that have successfully met their goals. Additionally, digital signage can promote business partners, press, and charitable benefits or volunteer activities.

How your company chooses to utilize this technology is ultimately up to you. Striving to provide seamless corporate communications can be a challenging task, but using digital signage as a solution may make this obstacle a bit more manageable. LCD display signage is simply another tool that can empower employees to make educated decisions about how to positively impact company performance on a variety of levels.

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